Goal Setting is Now so Much Fun!

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Anne McKeown
This verified expert offers personal coaching services
Posted on Jun 3

Writing out my ‘smart’ goals for this month was such a chore.  Feeling fed up with the same old mechanical rote of ‘Specific, Measured, Achievable, Realistic and Timed’ my creative mind saw the word ‘smart’ backwards, which reads T.R.A.M.S. 

Before I knew it I was day-dreaming about being on the right track, and asking myself the following questions

Are you in the driver’s seat or sitting up the back?

Where are you heading?

Do you have a map and timetable?

Are you going to jump off when struggling uphill or keep going until you reach the top and enjoy the view on the other side?

Who is on your tram with you? (support team)

Who is hanging on to the back of your tram and holding you back?


Before I knew it, I had this beautiful picture of my dream unfolding and could feel the motivation in my gut to get started.  So, I added my own meaning to each letter in the word T.R.A.M.S.


Towards – Focus on moving forward to the positive – don’t look back.

Relationships -  No one is an island.  We all need help to achieve whatever we are aiming for. Creating trusted Relationships in your personal and private life is imperative for your success.  I also like to think of the Reward I will enjoy /celebrate when I’ve achieved my goal.

Act As If - The mind doesn’t know the difference between a real truth and an imagined truth, it just believes what we tell it.  Plus, it’s fun to role play and in no time it will be real.

Meaningful - Making my goals Meaningful and Memorable allows me to engage my heart, not just my head and I feel more inspired to take action. 

Stable - Being on the right track helps me to feel Stable, ignore distractions, know I’m heading in the right direction, keep things Simple and Smile!


I have shared this goal setting method with many of my clients and they have found it to be an effective and refreshing approach. I hope you gain benefit from it too.  Enjoy the journey!  Ax


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